Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rambling and being bored

Sadface! my logbook broke and I had to wait all the way until I got back to the space station to start logging again! And now of course I'm out of the habit and don't want to start again. Its like school ...except more fun I suppose. Im not sure what to talk about and Im bored but isn't that what all people put in their journals? "I dunno what to say", or "Im bored, what to do, what to do". I guess now I'm just starting to be more normal. Is normal good? Is babbling good? How about asking too many questions?
Anyway I'll stop babbling and boring myself and log some more after the next semester starts.
Note to self, that would be in a few days, don't be dumb and forget.
Teen out.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Repelling or rapelling ?

Well finally after what seemed like days, but was probably only like one maybe two, we stopped the training "for now" they said. Were doing something that fun and will strengthen us at the same time. deep-space repelling! I don't know about you but it sounds awesome. launching yourself down cliffs then racing back up sounds like the best thing evar. Speaking of "evar" thats a fun word that all the teens up here seem to be using. Not only does it have a rebellious spelling but they say it how it looks so it sounds different too. I don't know if its supposed to mean something different but I like it in place of the regular "ever".
If you have any thoughts on repelling, rappelling, whatever you wanna call it let me know... lifeless... cold... piece of machinery... you know what never mind that. Just beep if you know what Im typing and bloop if you don't ... fail, if it doesn't know what Im typing how would it respond at all... sigh. I really must be going crazy, Im asking for a response from my logbook.
Teen out.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Continuing the process of going crazy

Oh man, training has been so tough. These last two days I haven't wanted to even touch my log book for fear I would die from the wasted calories.
Since JET is considered a military branch even the juniors like us have to undergo basic training. And for that reason only we are dying out in the middle of nowhere, being drilled to death by our previously kind and gentle teachers. Ive been luckier than some though, I brought my gel so I haven't gotten blisters while getting used to the space suit. We've worn them before but never for this long, we literally do drills every hour.
Its making me continue to go crazy, the drilling, the dead quiet in-between drills and the lack of people to talk to in our rooms makes it depressing. Why don't I have any friends, even in this barren land with nowhere to go and limited people to meet everyone seems to purposefully ignore me... Im done typing, my hands are starting to get cold.
Teen out

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Take KAIR when using sarcasm

Setting it up wasn't much fun, it was very difficult seeing as only the instructor in each rover had actually done it before. so there was six of them to be set up and one person who knew how to do it... maybe next time they should do training about these things.
I like them though, once you learn they are super easy. First you have to dig a trench just large enough to fit the package- about six inches by a foot. This part is the hardest and its not that hard in the dry uncompacted lunar soil. once you have the trench place the KAIR in it and make sure its right side up... I forgot to, don't do that ever.
Once you have confirmed its polarity (that means which way is up genius) turn the safety knob clockwise until you feel it click and pull the lever on the front end. This will trigger the compressed air and inflate the room.
Next is the most important but easiest part because it doesn't need any muscles. Simply pull the hose from the buggy to the unit and press the auto lock into the receiver (put the hose into the only hole on the whole thing darn it... the measures I'll go to just to make sure I can understand myself). Once you see the gauge attached to the hose go green you have a solid connection and you can move in!
*insert tiny print here about dangerous stuff and oxygen levels*
Teen out

Monday, October 10, 2011

There's music in the air... kinda

I got picked up a couple hours ago by a creepy goverment dude. The trip is really exciting but also really scary. And not for the reasons you think. The guys that transport you are so scary man, no joke. I should be writing this from the moon but we've been delayed apparently and so were sitting here in a boring blank room. After the first about fifteen minutes almost everyone pulled out their logs, what else can you do? There's no books or magazines to read here, no music and not even a picture. Who would make such an ugly room? Maybe an ugly person...
I can't believe we aren't even in prelaunch training yet. We can't even learn how to use our suits and stuff yet? I wish they would at least let us download the log file for the suit manual so we would have something to read. And then we wouldn't have to do that later, who made the schedule for this darn trip. They aren't very good I can tell you that.
Wouldn't it be wierd if this whole thing was really a elaborate alien plan to get young earthling samples? Wouldn't it be wierd if my brain stopped coming up with wierd thoughts. And also wouldn't it be nice if we could get out of this room sooner or later and do something? ...Someone just farted and I don't see any air vents so I hope it's sooner rather than later.
Teen out.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post was originally from 7/11/11 or close to it, I had to find it and repost it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Were off! I don't know what of, vacation or our feet but we're successfully off it. We left the station shortly before this and I almost forgot my logbook... You know, me always thinking of and writing in my logbook seems a lot like a ship captain. That makes me feel kinda cool, wonder if JET students can get ranks.
Glad I learned how to drive a rover well because we split into four teams, five students and a teacher to each rover. And all students are taking a half hour turn at the wheel- it's nice to have such big controls to drive. I had my turn first so now I get to watch the other four sweating bullets the rest of the way. While I'm sitting here maybe I should take inventory. Let's see... fish goop, Kevlar inflatable airtight room (aka KAIR), flashlight (reenforced), emergency oxygen mask, portable generator (I'm carrying it for the group), freeze dried food (I know how you feel veggies), logbook (reporting for duty captain) and a second spacepack of textbooks, notebooks and spencils (space pencils hehe). I think that's all I need so I'll just save the list to JET: important: list
Teen out